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Results 5-14-15 BR Rifle Match

Following are the scores from the May 14, 2015 Bench Rifle Match. The next match will be Thursday May 28, 2015.  The first match begins at 5 PM, followed by a second Match at 6 PM if there are people there who want to shoot.  A third match will take place at 7 PM, again […]

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2014 Bench Rifle Summer Series Final Results

Hello All, Thursday September 25 was our final match for the 2014 Bench Rifle League, Summer Series. Jim Lund prevailed with an average score of 896 out of 900 and 70 Bulls in both the scoped sights division and the open sights division. Mark VanLinden was very close with an average of 893 and 66 […]

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Bench Rife Match Results 9-11-2014

Thursday brought out 10 shooters. Jim Lund again had the best score (897 out of 900) with Mark VanLinden close behind (898 out of 900). Thursday 9/25 will be our last shoot. I will be out of town so Jim Lund will collect score sheets and foreword the results to me. Remember, the final standing […]

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Results 8/28/14 Bench Rifle Match

Thursday evening was beautiful, it has been that kind of summer. The cowboys were off on a shoot so we had only 9 participants. Two more matches left, and then we are done for the season. If you have matches to make up, you can shoot 2 in one evening. Next match is September 11. […]

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Results, Bench Rifle Match, 8/14/2014

Hello All, Thursday evening was another spectacular Michigan summer evening. 11 people shot. 2 matches into our summer session 8 out of 12 competitors are averaging over 850 out of a possible 900. Very good shooting. Next match will be Thursday August 28. I hope to see all of you then!! Bob Hann 2014 Summer […]

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Results 7-24-2014 Match

2014 Summer BR 7-24-142014 Summer BR 7-24-14 We started our Bench Rifle Summer Series with 13 shooters. I seems like the 22LR ammunition shortage is taking its toll. Over half of the shooters are scoring in the 850 to 900 range (out of a possible 900). Very good shooting. Our next match will be Thursday […]

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22 LR Bench Rifle Spring Series Final Results

Thursday July 10 marked the conclusion of the Bench Rifle Spring Series. It is hard to believe that we are halfway through our 2014 shooting season. Jim Lund was our first place shooter averaging 895 in Scoped Sights and 891 in Open sights. 5 other shooters shot with an average above 865. Chuck DeMink averaged […]

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Bench Rifle Match Results 6/26/2014
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Bench Rifle Match Results 6/26/2014

Thursday was another fantastic summer evening. We had 15 shooters participate in the match. Jim Lund scored a near perfect 899 out of a possible 900 points. July 10 will be our last match in the Bench Rifle Spring Series and will be your last opportunity to make up any missed matches. If the 5 […]

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Bench Rifle Match Result 6/12/2014

Thursday gave us another gorgeous evening of shooting. We had several shooters warming up before the Meijer Games next weekend. As I understand you can still participate in the Meijer Games Bench Rifle event. Please phone George Mayhak (616-540-1099) or Gordon Pickard (616-866-9055) for more information. We have several shooters scoring in the high 800’s […]

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Bench Rifle Match Results 5/8/2014

Here are the results from the 5/8/2014 Bench Rifle Match: 2014 Spring Results 5-8-14

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