Range Rules

The Rockford Sportsman’s Club does not allow any loaded firearms on the Club premises unless on a shooting range firing line.  Exceptions are as follows:  1)  Those individuals with a CPL issued by the state of Michigan or any other state.  2)  Any law enforcement individual granted permission to use the range.  Either current on duty or off duty.

  1. Members Only.  A current Full Member must accompany all guests.
  2. Range Hours shall be 10:00 am to 9:30 pm.
  3. NO Drinking of alcoholic beverages on the range grounds.
  4. NO Smoking inside of Club structures.
  5. Eye and Ear protection required at all times on the ranges.
  6. Treat all firearms as if they were loaded at all times.
  7. Actions of uncased firearms must be kept open except when on the firing line ready to fire.
  8. Keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times, and down range.
  9. Do not fire shot shells at the backer board.  Shot gun slugs for sight-in is permitted.
  10. No rapid fire in excess of five (5) rounds.
  11. No shooting of cans, bottles, clay birds, milk jugs, cartons, etc.  Where backer board ranges are provided.  Paper targets on back stands only.
  12. No shooting above target stands.
  13. All shooters are to pick up and dispose of litter.
  14. Clear all used targets from the backer boards when done shooting and dispose of them in the trash receptacles.
  15. Sweep up the shooting paddock area when you are done shooting.
  16. Please help keep YOUR CLUB range clean, neat and safe.

Range Fees

  • $2.00/day per member.
  • $2.00/hour per non-member.


  • Obey Range Officer at all times, don’t retrieve arrow in front of firing line until directed.
  • Follow the appropriate whistle commands.  Respect all shooters on the line.
  • Nock Arrows only on the firing line and always pointed down range.
  • Field Points only, No broad heads.
  • Tie back loose hair, Remove loose Jewelry.  These things can get caught in bow string.

South Pistol Range

  • No Center Fire Rifles (Pistols and 22s only)
  • Shoot as close to berm/hill/dirt as possible.  (Cowboy’s and Neighbors are down range)
  • Shoot Plywood/OSB only with targets at chest level.

25/50 Yard Range

  • Pistols, rifles, shotguns OK
  • Cardboard for turning targets overhead (and bean bags)
  • Shoot plywood/OSB and cardboard only.  Place targets at the same height as shooting position.  This ensures hitting the berm/hill.

100/200 Yard Range

  • Pistols, rifles and shotguns OK
  • Range shared with Cowboys.  Please check Cowboy area before shooting.
  • Shoot Plywood/OSB only.  Place targets at the same height as shooting position.  This ensures hitting the berm/hill.
  • Neighbor is downrange.  Please, bullets must hit berm/hill/dirt and stay on property.

Action Range

  • Reserved for Defensive Pistol & Special Events

Trap/Skeet and 5 Stand

  • Shotgun with 7 1/2 or smaller shot
  • Load one shell at a time, or two for doubles (skeet/5 Stand)


  • In the State of Michigan you must be at least 21 years of age to shoot a pistol without a legal parent or guardian present.
  • Please try not to shoot frames/supports/cross rails.
  • Actions must be open except when shooting.
  • Must not handle gun while people are downrange.
  • Check Calendar before coming out.
  • Be aware, Bullet can skip off ground and leave the range/property.

All of us are in charge of safety.  Work together, let’s have fun.

DOWNLOAD: Range by Range detailed Range Rules under the ‘About RSC’ Tab