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Bench Rifle League 2013 Final Summer Results

Hello All,

This concludes the 2013 Bench Rifle League. Congratulations to Jim Lund for being our “Top Gun” for the Summer Session barely squeezing Chuck DeMink out by only 1 point. 12 members completed the required 4 matches. Those who completed the optional 5th match had their lowest scoring match dropped from the final results calculation.

This year a group led by Terry King completed construction of a sun eyebrow over range stages 1 through 4. The final result blends in perfectly with the other stages. Mark Van Linden has constructed and graciously donated a handicap shooting bench complete with wheels. Thanks to both of you for your service.

The RSC Board has taken a special interest in the North pistol range. There will be a meeting on Thursday at 7 PM soliciting input on what changes need to be made to the range. I intend to attend the meeting, and though I have no strong thoughts, I will be happy to convey any ideas that you might have. Please e-mail me before the meeting and I will be happy to convey your ideas, or if you wish, please feel free to attend the meeting and participate.

The only thing that I am aware that Bench Rifle needs for 2014 is additional targets. Sometime in the next 4 weeks I will inventory our targets and other supplies to see what we need. If you are aware of anything, please let me know and I will add it to the list.

This was a fun year. We have room to grow the event, so if you have friends who might enjoy the fellowship of our group, please invite them. There will be an organizational meeting in early April 2014 to discuss any changes to be made to the Bench Rifle League. Thank you for a great year, please have a safe winter and I look forward to seeing you again in April ( or sooner!).

Best regards,

Bob Hann

2013 Summer Results FINAL

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