22LR Reactive Target Competition

Rockford Sportsman’s Club is offering a positional all steel shoot conducted at 25-200 yards for 22lr. This is a challenging but casual and friendly shoot.   All are welcome!

2021 Schedule

Matches will be held the fourth Tuesday of every month.

This shoot will be beginner friendly and all the stages/courses of fire will be clearly explained before each match.   The competition is designed for any bolt action or semi auto 22lr using any scope, preferably at least 9 power. Single shot rifles and iron sights are not ideally suited.

The course of fire will be 8-10 timed stages of 10 rounds each fired at all steel targets from different positions and at different distances.  This is a sanctioned PRS rimfire shoot in the Great Lakes Region under Rockford Sportsman’s club, RTC. Cost for the match is $2 for practice shoot and $13 for match per shooter

This is a positional shoot but accommodations WILL be made for any shooter who wishes to participate. There is a dynamic category for shooters who shoot from all positions and a static group for participants who shoot from modified positions due to limitations.

We are always excited to see new faces so please don’t hesitate to contact Scott Stanley for details and any questions. There will be loaner rifles available if anyone wants to shoot and does not have a suitable rifle.

Fees: $2 for practice shoot and $13 for the match.

Hardware: Any multi-shot capacity 22lr.  Any ‘Optic’ may be used.

1) We will operate as a ‘cold’ range, only the active shooter is hot.
2) All rifles must be visibly safe with a chamber flag. (Empty chamber indicator)

Course Variations: Shooting steel reactive targets from improvised positions. (Barricade, sawhorse, ladder, seated, prone, offhand and more). Accommodations for us old types with different challenges are always available…..come and shoot!

Scott Stanley: Email stanley908@hotmail.com or Phone 616.914.1711