Defensive Pistol

The RSC Defensive Pistol Matches are fun events designed to provide practical experience with concealed carry handguns. You do not need to be an RSC member to participate. The purpose of the Defensive Pistol Match is having a no stress environment to practice skills without adding a lot of competitive burden on the shooters.
The net result for RSC is an atmosphere where you can safely and comfortably employ your carry gun as you intend to carry it through our courses of fire.


RSC Members – $8

Non-Members – $10

Under 18 – $5

2020 Schedule

All events are held in the RSC Action Range. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to check in. There is a mandatory safety briefing at the start time.

Shoots begin at 6pm on weekdays and 10am on Saturday.

Setup is from 4:30 to 6 PM on weekdays and 8:30 to 10 AM on Saturdays. Any and all help is appreciated.

Pre-Registration is recommended.

April 22nd Wednesday night

May 13th Wednesday night

May 23rd Saturday morning

June 13th Saturday morning

June 24th Wednesday night

July 8th Wednesday night

July 18th Saturday morning

July 29th Wednesday night

August 12th Wednesday night

August 29th Saturday morning

September 9th Wednesday night

September 19th Saturday morning

October 14th Wednesday night

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Contact Us

For more information contact: Glen VanOrman

Match Registration

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Basic Requirements

  • A concealed pistol license is NOT necessary to participate.
  • We welcome all ages. Our youngest shooter is 7 years old while our oldest is 85. All shooters younger than 21 must be supervised by their legal parent or guardian. Our range officers will work with every shooter through the stages based on their individual skill levels.
  • All shooters must be familiar with their handgun of choice, drawing from a holster and reloading any Caliber Revolver or Semi-Auto Pistol (Preferably your regular carry or home defense gun). Any caliber is acceptable, including .22LR.
  • A holster is absolutely required for all shooters. The holster must cover the trigger guard and provide suitable retention. No pocket, small of back, shoulder/cross draw or appendix carry holsters will be allowed for range safety reasons. It is strongly advised that shooters, particularly new shooters, avoid using a Serpa style retention holster.
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Concealment using a vest, jacket, or unbuttoned shirt is advisable if you are a CPL holder. We strongly encourage you to use the same dress that you normally would while carrying. Shorts in the summer time are completely normal and we would strongly recommend a closed toe shoe.
  • Two magazines or speed loaders minimum, however three is strongly recommended. A magazine holder is recommended but not required. You may reload from your pocket or from your carriers, that choice is entirely yours.
  • 100 rounds of ammo (minimum) – Reloads and FMJ are acceptable. Wednesday events are typically 80 round events while Saturday’s can be closer to 120 rounds.
  • In the summer it is advisable to bring bug spray and sunscreen as well as water or a sports drink. While we do have some shaded areas on the range in the heat of the summer it can get as hot as 100 degrees.


Q: How many stages do you typically have?

A: We generally run five stages at all events. Our Wednesday evening events are typically going to be more simplistic with stage props that generally consist of simple cover such as barrels and fewer moving targets. Our Saturday/Sunday events are more orchestrated with larger scenarios, walls, moving targets and even blind stages.

Q: How long does a typical event take?

A: Generally from the safety briefing to the last shots fired it’s approximately 3 hours or less.

Q: How many people usually attend?

A: On average between 30 and 40 shooters. There are typically one or two events a year where we see more than 50 shooters.

Q: What skill levels can you work with?

A: We generally want to see shooters that have fundamental firearm skills. This is not a format for a brand new shooter to come for instruction or training though. We would strongly recommend some basic training or range time first. For many people that have a CPL they have been exposed to enough to get started. At a minimum we would prefer that people come with a basic understanding on how to draw from a holster in addition to simple range skills. We put a massive emphasis on safety first, including good muzzle and trigger discipline. If you have questions about your skill level certainly contact us to discuss. We often have experienced shooters (those that have shot with us several times) that want to bring out a spouse or friend that have the essential basic skills and we have had no issues in working with those shooters.

Q: Do you recommend anyone for training?

A: There are many reputable trainers in the state that we would certainly recommend. Many of our shooters have received training from Safe2Carry, Silver Bullet Firearms, Circle W Training or Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute (MDFI). Each of them have programs ranging from beginner to advanced and even private instruction.