22LR Reactive Target Competition

During June and July the league leaders will be testing different courses of fire to find the best variations for this practical shooting competition.

The competition is open to all shooters!

Fees: $ 5.00 per match

Hardware: Bolt or semi-automatic 22 long rifles are welcome. (No tube feed please) Any ‘Optic’ may be used

Course Variations: Shooting steel reactive targets from improvised positions. (Barricade, sawhorse, ladder, seated, prone, offhand and more). Accommodations for us old types with different challenges are always available…..come and shoot!

1) We will operate as a ‘cold’ range, only the active shooter is hot.
2) All rifles must be visibly safe with a chamber flag. (Empty chamber indicator)

A match shall consist of stages contained within in a course of fire. A course of fire will have multiple stages containing segments. (Different shooting positions at the same targets)
Each segment will contain up to 3 shooting positions.
Each segment will require 10 scoring rounds fired. (Maximum 30 per segment)

For more details contact:
Neil Schaefer: neilschaefer@mac.com
Scott Stanley: stanley908@hotmail.com