Work Hours

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Rockford Sportsman’s Club is a Non-Profit, 501(c)3 organization. We rely solely on our members to volunteer their time to help host activities and maintain the club. Remember that our member’s service hours, which are not required for associate membership, are credited against their membership donations at $5/hour (20 hours max).

If you’re looking for ways to volunteer you should consider attending the monthly General Membership meeting. People often ask for volunteers during these meetings. You can also read the Newsletter and keep an eye on the calendar. Hunters Safety and building cleanup are more good ways. If you’re interested in learning more about Trap and Skeet they are always looking for people to volunteer. Some members come out during their down time and do general maintenance like raking/blowing leaves, cutting grass, police areas, emptying trash, and more.

People you can contact:

  • Construction – Gordon Pickerd    (616) 866-9055
  • Hall cleanup – George Mayhak      (616) 540-1099
  • Hunter Safety – Bill Skallos          (616) 866-0096
  • Gun Shows – Peter Kreutzfeldt     (616) 340-2375
  • Trap & Skeet – Dan Vincent          (616) 490-4067
  • Gardens – George Mayhak             (616) 540-1099