Rockford Sportsman’s Club is a Non-Profit, 501(c)3, Organization. Our facilities are maintained from membership donations, range fees, proceeds from club sponsored events and labor volunteered by our members. All memberships are family memberships; primary member(s) must be 18 years of age and includes spouse and children under 18 (up to age 24 while attending college or on active military status).

When joining RSC for the first time you will become an associate member and have the option of becoming a full member after 12 months. To become a full member you need to attend 4 regular membership meetings and volunteer 20 service hours. At RSC your service hours are credited towards your membership donation at $5.00/hour (max 20 hours).

Click the following to download the membership application: RSC Member Appl Feb 2020

Contact: Steve Mitchell
or Kevin Kubiszewski

Associate Membership ($180/year)

To become an Associate member of RSC you must make a $180 donation to the club, submit a membership application and have your application accepted by a vote of either the RSC general membership or RSC board. Associate Membership is available as long as the member continues to meet the obligations associated with their membership as set by the Board or until they advance to Full Member status. It includes shoot privileges for the Associate Member and their family as described above. Associate members and their families are entitled to attend Club sponsored events and membership meetings, subscription to the online MUCC magazine (Michigan Out of Doors), rent the Club and have personal use of tables and chairs by scheduling with the Sergeant of Arms. Service hours are optional and applied against a member’s annual membership fee at a rate set annually by the Board. Associate Members may request Full Membership from the Board once they complete the requirements.

Full Membership ($80/year)

To become a Full member at RSC you must be an associate member for 12 months and meet the requirements for service hours and meetings as set annually by the Board. Failure to do either will cause a Full Member to revert to Associate Member status at time of renewal. Full members have all of the privileges of an Associate Member plus the rights to bring guests to the Club at anytime, participate in MUCC Camp scholarship program, vote in Club elections, hold elected office, and have a key to the buildings. The Sergeant of Arms controls the distribution of keys. The Board of Directors may make exceptions for specific members for illness or work status.