Rifle League Centerfire Benchrest


This venue is open to RSC members and non-members in testing their skills at 200 yards in a friendly and fun atmosphere.


  • Any Centerfire Rifle
    • Optics: Hunter Class – 10X Maximum
    • Varment Class – Unrestricted
    • Chamber Indicator
  • Bench Rest consist of your choice: Bipod and/or sandbag rests as long a the front and back rests are not attached.

DATES – 2019

Spring session: March 12, 26; April 9, 23; May 14
Summer session: May 28; June 11, 25; July 16, 23


200 Yards: The National Bench Rest Target consist of one 6″ sight-in target and five 6″ scoreable targets – shooting five rounds into each target – totaling 30 rounds – 5 sighters and 25 scoreable rounds totaling 250 points per Match.

MATCH TIME LIMIT: 30 continuous minutes for all rounds

MATCH TIMES: The first match will begin at 4:00 PM, the second match will begin approximately 45 minutes later, etc.

If there are no shooters at 6:15 PM, we will “tear down”.


    • Spring or Summer series (5 Sessions each)
      • RSC Members: $25.00
      • Non Members: $30.00
    • Individual sessions
      • RSC Member: $6.00
      • Non Members: $7.00

A “pot” will be created for a festive get together at the end of the Spring and Summer Sessions.

FOR MORE INFO: Jim Lund at 874-7431 or jmlund@charter.net