Military Rifle (CMP) League

The RSC Military Rifle Matches have been conducted monthly for the past four years, providing RSC members and non-members the opportunity to exercise their military-style rifles in a safe and friendly competition. The RSC rifle range has six firing positions on a covered concrete pad with safety eyebrows, with targets set at 100 and 200 yards against twenty-foot high berms for safety. A heated and air-conditioned shoot building is proximate to the range for registration and target scoring. The RSC Military Rifle program is based on the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), and predominately employs NRA and CMP rules and practices for “as-issued” military rifles. RSC’s Military Rifle Matches incorporate both “Course A” (30 rds @ 100 yds, SR-1 targets) and “Course B” (30 rds @ 200 yds, SR targets) courses of fire. Shooters may participate in individual matches, or sign up for the summer or winter leagues, which have awards given for various classes and courses of fire.
The leagues often conclude with an awards banquet or BBQ. RSC has also conducted “fun” matches, including “Sniper” and “Call to Battle”, “Prairie Dog Shoots”, and “Playing Card” matches. A wide range of rifles are commonly used, from modern and vintage semi-automatics such as AR-15′s, and FN-FAL’s, M1-A1′s, SKS’s, AK-47′s, M1 Garands and M1 Carbines to US and Foreign Bolt Action rifles including Springfields, Enfields, Mausers, Moisin-Nagants, Arisakas, and others.
RSC is a CMP-Affliated Club. Although it’s monthly matches are not CMP-Registered, future plans include CMP-Registered matches, which will be identified as such. Participation in one or more matches entitles the shooter to purchase firearms, ammo, and other items from CMP (website:

Click here for the 2018 Military League (CMP) Flyer: CMP 2018 MIL RIFLE LEAGUE FLYER V1.0

Recent News

Oct 13th CMP Match
Twelve shooters shook off the chill Saturday and fired fifteen lines. This was the THIRD match of the 2018 CMP FALL/WINTER LEAGUE.

Andy Laitila returned from “semi-retirement” and paced the shooters with a great 282-7X. Paul Austin posted a 276-5X, and Len Laitila shot a 274-8X. These three scores were fired with AR-15’s. Steve Gardner shot a 268-3X with his Springfield 03-A3, and Tim Hall fired a personal-best 258-2X with his M1 Grand.

We also welcomed new shooters Jim Kovach, Miguel Ballin-Kovach, and Paul Mulholland.

For the Score sheets including all shooters click the following: CMP Scores 181013

The Fourth match is Saturday, 24-November from 10:00A to 2:00P. Non-League shooters are welcome, as always.

Sep 18th CMP Match
Twelve shooters enjoyed Saturday’s warm summer weather while firing sixteen lines (and swatting innumerable mosquitos). This was the SECOND match of the 2018 CMP FALL/WINTER LEAGUE.

Top scorers were Ward Vandenburgs excellent 282-10x (using his optic-equipped AR-15), and Jim Lund with a 260-0X and a 256-0X, also using an optic-equipped AR-15. Bruce Fockler posted a fine 251-6X with his optic-equipped AR-15, while Steve Gardner used his 03-A3 Springfield to shoot a 249-2X. Ken Adkins (AR-15) and Tim Hall (M-1 Garand) shot personal best scores of 247-2x and 245-6x, respectively.

Score sheets including all shooters are attached.
Click the link: CMP Sep 2018

The next match is Saturday, 13-October from 10:00A to 2:00P. This will be the third match of the 2018 Fall/Winter League. Non-League shooters are welcome, as always. Hope you can make it!

Aug 18th CMP Match
Seven shooters enjoyed warm summer weather during the FIRST match of the CMP FALL/WINTER LEAGUE on Saturday. Top scorers were Len Laitila, who shot a personal best 283-3x with his AR-15, Paul Austin with a 274-3x (also using an AR-15), and Steve Gardner with a 270-3x using his SCM 03-A3.

Score sheets including all shooters are attached. CMP Scores 180818

The next match is Saturday, 15-September from 10:00A to 2:00P. This will be the second match of the 2018 Fall/Winter League. Non-League shooters are welcome, as always. Hope you can make it!

May 26th CMP Match
Six shooters competed, enjoying mild weather. This was the third regular match of the Spring/Summer league. Leaders were Len Laitila, who shot a 276 3x and a 273 0x with his AR-15, and Steve Gardner’s 262 1x, also shot with an AR-15.

To see the match score sheet click on the following: CMP MATCH SCORES SPRING_SUMMER 2018

The next match is 30-June from 10:00A to 2:00P.

Dates and Times

TIME: Saturdays 10:00A-2:00P  (Bold italicized dates are Tuesdays, 4:30-8:00)

  • Fun Shoots (format TBD): Jan 20, Feb 24 (weather permitting)
  • Spring League: Mar 24, Apr 14, May 26, Jun 30, Jul 21, Jul 24 (makeup)
  • Winter League: Aug 18, Sep 15, Oct 13, Nov 24, Dec 22, Dec 11 (makeup)

Click here to view photos from a recent match.

Additional Information

RSC CMP matches are open to the Public. Please note that these matches are not a CMP/NRA “registered” shoot. League fees are noted on the attached flyer, and include a discount for RSC membership and multiple events. A shooter may participate on only one match if desired. The League entry fee includes a CMP Membership Card and Qualification Letter, which entitles the holder to purchase firearms, parts, and ammo directly from CMP. Standard “As Issued” military rifles with iron sights (e.g. Garands, M-1 Carbines, SKS, AK-47, AR-15, Springfields, Mausers, Enfields, Nagants, SKS, AK-47, AR-15 type rifles, etc). Rifles can be made available for use with advance notice, and ammo or chamber flags for purchase. Course “A” (20 rounds@100 yds) and Course “B” (30 rounds@200 yds) will be fired. Five sighters will be fired for either course of fire. The League scoring classes will include Modern and Vintage Semi-Auto and Bolt Action.

For more information, please contact Steven Gardner at or call 616 745-7800.