Free Style Small Bore League

The free style small bore league is a dynamic shooting competition using 22lr only that uses a variety of targets unique to each match and has a cumulative score for a given season.   Most targets have a minimum time to achieve or are shot for fastest time overall.  It requires no special equipment or knowledge and is designed to be a friendly, informal atmosphere.   Targets are shot primarily prone supported.   Any shooter is welcome at a single match or to participate for the season.

Hardware – Any rifle chambered in 22lr – any scope.

Format – A mix of paper and reactive targets shot for time varying by match.

Scoring – First place for each stage earns points equal to the number of shooters.

Time – 6:30 pm at the 100 yard range.

Dates – Every other Tuesday.  Season is continuous but divided in to spring, summer, fall and winter. Check the club calendar to confirm a specific date.

Cost– $7 per match or $25 for season (4-5 shoots).

Contact – Scott Stanley (616) 914-1711 or Email: