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The Rockford Regulators are part of the Wolverine Rangers, Michigan’s state organization for Cowboy Action Shooting.  The Rockford Regulators embrace the rules of SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) and encourage Cowboy Action Shooters to join SASS.  SASS is an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting.  SASS members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting.  Please see for more information.


(Spectators & new cowboy shooters welcome!)

We will be shooting the first Saturday of 2018 each month except:

September 1st due to Range War and November 3rd due to Sight-In Days.

Old Coot Shoots: As Scheduled on Wednesdays

2019 Schedule

Monthly ShootsJanuary 5thOld Coot ShootsJanuary 16th
February 2ndFebruary 13th
March 3ndMarch 13th
April 6thApril 17th
May 4thMay 15th
May 31 – June 1st (2 day shoot)June 12th
July 6thJuly 17th
August 4th
September 1st  No shoot(State Match)
October 5th
 November 2nd (No Shoot)
November 30th

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Members of: SASS, the international organization of Cowboy Action Shooting

Wolverine Rangers, the state organization of Cowboy Action Shooting.

Hardware Requirements

  1. 2 Single Action Pistols – Holsters required
  2. Lever or pump action rifle with exposed hammer, tube magazine, .25 caliber or larger – pistol calibers only.
  3. Double barrel shotguns without auto ejectors. Pump and lever action shotguns must have exposed hammers. 10 to 20 gauge.

Ammo Requirements per shooter:

  1. Pistol: 60 rounds of .32 caliber or larger- under 1000fps.
  2. Rifle: 60 rounds Centerfire of .25 caliber or pistol caliber only-under 1,400fps.
  3. Shotgun: 30 rounds of low brass target ammo only, no larger then #6 shot- No Magnums
  4. Lead bullets only, no gas checks, jacketed or copper washed.

Eye and Ear Protection Mandatory

For more information please contact one or all of us cowboys:

Spectators and new cowboy shooters welcome!



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43.165390, -85.550950 +43* 9′ 55.40″, -85* 33′ 3.42″