About RSC

The expression “safety is no accident” implies the necessity of planning. This plan is both a formal process by which safety is enhanced and a written RSC RANGE RULES. This document is approved, signed, published, reviewed at specific intervals and distributed to all range users to study and use. The current rules are:

To download the rules click: Range Rules May 2017


The By-laws contain the rules established by RSC, a nonprofit corporation, to regulate it’s activities. It is best viewed as the RSC operating manual which defines:

• Size of the board and how it will function
• Roles and duties of directors and officers
• Rules and procedures for holding meetings, electing directors and officers
• Conflict of interest policies and procedures
• Other essential corporate governance matters

To download the By-laws click: Bylaws 2017 05 02


This Financial Policy Manual defines the financial policies and financial control procedures of the Rockford Sportsman’s Club (RSC). Where there is any conflict with the Bylaws of RSC, the Bylaws shall be considered as controlling. Questions of interpretation shall be settled by the Treasurer and/or the President.

To download the manual click: RSC Financial Policy


Rockford Sportsman’s Club recognizes and respects member’s privacy. For that reason, this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is provided to assist in the understanding how the Club handles nonpublic personal information (“Information”).

To download the policy click: RSC Privacy Policy


The Bob Bond Scholarship was established in the mid 1970’s by Hazel Bond and the RSC Board in memory of Bob Bond. It’s purpose is to provide a monetary award for a promising Kent County post secondary student, who has shown an educational and career commitment to the study of the environment, shows a commitment to communicate and interpret a love of nature, and an understanding of need to practice conservation.

To download the required qualification & application click: RSC Scholarship